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Technical Board: 2007/06/28

Meeting Technical Committee MMBase,
Hilversum, June 28
Present: Henk Hangyi, Martijn Verhoeven, Michiel Meeuwissen,, Johannes Verelst, Ronald Vendelmans, Jo Lahaye.
Absent: Arjan van Krimpen, Rob de Bruin.

-July 6: MM Component Framework day at the EO, 10.00 hours.
-August 10-11: MM Component Framework weekend, at the Foundation, from 10.00 hours.
-September 13, Technical Committee, 16.00 hours, Foundation.
-September 13, Developersmeeting, 17.45, Foundation (+pizza)
-November 8, Technical Committee, 16.00 hours, Foundation.
-November 8, developersmeeting, 17.45 (+pizza)

-November 29: MMEvent (date not set yet), Convergence through collaboration 13.00-19.00

Discussed were the following subjects.
1. Architecture – principles.
2. Component Framework – release 1.9
3. MMBase CMS Container.
4. Email-lists
5. Courses
6. Foundation.

1. Architecture principles
All members of the TC are asked once again to check the present release of the architecture principles and mail their suggestions to Jo within a week!. Kennisnet already sent some remarks and suggestions for additional principles. After the input is collected, the principles will be corrected and Jo will write a short news article to announce the principles as a new feature and ask for input. Action: all.

2. MMBase Component Framework project (MMCF)
The MMCF is still ongoing. During the meeting of the TC, developers were contacted to make new appointments for working days. Decided was on July 6 (at the EO) and August 10+11 (weekend at the Foundation). The present status: the concept is working. To make sure the framework is usable in many different situations and to avoid difficult upgrades between release 1.9 and –for example- 1.9.1., it is necessary to test the framework in multiple projects. It would be great if organisations would help to suggest (small) projects and let their developers work on these projects during the MMCF days (July 6, August 10-11). It is essential to make sure the MMCF project moves ahead and to make sure there is convergence in the development. The Foundation will try to involve more parties, especially Kennisnet. Martijn Verhoeven is also asked if MAG is willing to connect to this development.

3. MMBase CMS-container
Henk Hangyi gives an update on the development of the MMBase CMS-container. There are now seven users. Last week we organized a MMBase CMS container day in Almere. Henk showed the roadmap and the meetings for the rest of this year. The presentation will be distributed or put on a website. There are already a lot of modules and portlets developed for the container. As discussed many times before, these modules should also be available within the MMCF; and the other way round. In the March meeting Henk announced a research at Finalist concerning two way use of MMBase modules and the “tree and leave” systematic (inheritance). Now he thinks that making the Container modules compatible could be part of the MMCF project. It is suggested to make the “webform” an example project, to show that a container module/portlet can operate in the framework and the “webmail” of didactor to show that a component can word as a portlet.

4. Mailinglists
A few mailinglists ceased to exist, like for example announce and community. Maybe we need to do some more cleaning up, als only users and developers are being used. Perhaps a few more mailing lists can be removed (mmc / committers / documentation) as they are not used (anymore).

5. Courses
Johannes and André sent some materials to set up courses. Although this information is not yet combined and there is not yet a specific course available for webmasters, application developers, managers or editors, we’ve put “training” online. Meanwhile, the foundation has given a number of management trainings. Concerning the other training modules Andre and Jo agreed on putting time and effort in creating the course(s) according to the questions/wishes of the interested company/people.

6. Foundation
The position of the foundation is discussed. The committee will work with the Foundation to create awareness of the role and importance of the foundation. We will work on a letter and a meeting in November. Action: Ronald & Jo.

7. Hosting
There are some questions concerning the hosting of MMBase. Henk will contact the service provider.

Issues remaining from the TC meeting in March:
-Michiel thinks suggest to also add the major projects to Jira. Now it might look as if just small bugs are registed and major developments have to be found elsewhere. Some applications which are now components may be promoted to projects if we plan to carry out major changes to them.
Action: all, especially Michiel. Status: pending

-Documentation. Rob offered to review and/or (re-)write some documentation concerning multicast and transactions. Michiel offered to help, but so far, no steps were taken. For this moment we decide to keep the issue on the agenda.
Action: Rob and Michiel. Status: pending

Jo Lahaye