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Technical Board: 2007/03/08

Next meeting: May 10.

Present:Henk Hangyi, Michiel Meeuwissen, Arjan van Krimpen, Johannes Verelst, Jo Lahaye.

Absent: Ronald Vendelmans, Martijn Verhoeven, Rob de Bruin.

Discussed where the following subjects.
1. Releasemanager.
2. Developersmeetings
3. Jira
4. Components: framework – CMS Container
5. Principles
6. Documentation
7. Courses
8. Email addresses

1. Releasemanager. Someone applied for the job of releasemanager. This position could be vacant after Henk Hangyi finishes his work in summertime. Jo will talk to the candidate and explain the current situation to him.

2. Developersmeeting(s). The developers meetings will be planned on the same day as the meetings of the Technical Board. So the next one will be held on May 10. Henk is responsible for the agenda.

3. Jira is implemented, and there is some enthusiasm arising. One of the main advantages is, that’s it is more clear now to our (world) audience what the roadmap looks like. Michiel thinks suggest to also add the major projects to Jira. Now it might look as if just small bugs are registed and major developments have to be found elsewhere. Some applications which are now components may be promoted to projects if we plan to carry out major changes to them.
Action: all, especially Michiel.

4. Components Framework-CMS Container. In the past there has been discussion on how to develop components. In the meetings of the TB the issue was discussed several times and to most of us, it was clear that the ideal situation would be if every component can be used in combination with the MMBase CMS Container and the Framework. Henk says that a survey will start at Finalist to see how this situation can be achieved, and what the “costs”are. The principle of blueprinting (in MMBase called tree and leave part; or the inheritance of templating) will also be part of the survey.
Action: Henk.

5. Principles. It took a long time before the principles were implemented, because before the principle application could be deployed the MMBase site had to run on release 1.8.x. It took Michiel and Andre quite some time to upgrade the site. During the meeting the principles were brought online! The members of the Technical Board agreed to read all principles this week and test the application. Jo will write an news-article on Friday 16th, so please read and check the information. On the bottom of every principle we will add an email address for comments.
Action: all, Jo especially.

6. Documentation. Rob offered to review and/or (re-)write some documentation concerning multicast and transactions. Michiel offered to help, but so far, no steps were taken. For this moment we decide to keep the issue on the agenda.
Action: Rob and Michiel.

7 Courses. We all agree that the first steps on the MMBase road are still steep. There are several ways to pave the path to an easy setup and a quick install of some basic functionality. And we also need better training materials. So everyone is asked to send existing materials to Jo, who will collect, make an overview and before May 8 come up with a suggestion on how to proceed.
Action: all, Jo especially.

8. Email addresses. The number of mailing lists and its effectiveness is being discussed. We conclude: there are too many, and several people on the list(s) should be removed as they have no involvement (anymore) with the MMBase community. Michiel and Jo will make an overview of the lists and contact Rico/Justin to see how this situation can be improved.
Action: Michiel and Jo

Jo Lahaye
March 12, 2007