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Technical Board: 2007/01/09

Minutes Technical Board (TB) 2007, January 9.

Present: Ronald Vendelmans, Nadia Poulou, Henk Hangyi, Michiel Meeuwissen, Jo Lahaye, Martijn Verhoeven, Arjan van Krimpen, Rob de Bruin.

Absent: Johannes Verelst.

Discussed where the following subjects.

1. Changes in the Technical Board, goodbye to Nadia and Jean-Luc, hello to Arjan, Martijn and Johannes (although absent)
2. Developersmeetings
3. Jira
4. Release manager
5. Components: framework – CMS Container
6. Principles
7. Documentation
8. Website
9. Champagne

1. TB members. This “New Years” meeting we say goodbye to some members and we greet some newcomers. Henk Hangyi will from now on represent Finalist IT Group (we thank Jean-Luc who is leaving the Board) and Martijn Verhoeven (Mag Productions) will be the second representative on behalf of the service providers. Johannes Verelst will take the position Daniel Ockeloen left behind; he and Michiel Meeuwissen (soon to move to Dynasol) from now on represent the developers. Nadia Poulou is leaving us, as she is returning to her homeland. We thank Nadia for all the work done and wish her lots of success in Greece. Her position will be taken by another representative from Kennisnet: Arjan van Krimpen. Rob de Bruin will be his backup. This means, the Technical board is complete again. The agenda for the rest of the year (2007) is set at this first meeting:
March 8, 1600 hours
May 10, 1600 hours
June 28, 1600 hours
September 13, 1600 hours
November 8, 1600 hours
December 20, 1600 hours

2. Developers meetings. In November 2006 the TB concluded that there hadn’t been many developers meetings lately and that there were (are) a number of issues to be addressed before the next releases. Henk takes the lead in organizing the next developers meeting on short notice. After some discussion we conclude that it might be a good idea to organize future developers meetings on the same day as the TB comes together (once every two months). That brings some regularity in the meetings and some of us attend both. If there is no other location communicated, the meetings will be held at the MMBase Foundation.

Action: organize meetings (Henk)

3. Jira is implemented. The Foundation is granted a community license. There are several issues that still need to be addressed. For more information, please see the minutes of the developers meeting that was held on the 24th of January 2007.

4. Release manager. Henk Hangyi will the next 6 months make quarter for the future release manager. Might well be that after this period an employee of another service provider will take over this task. Henk will describe the activities and tasks of the release-manager, so the persons holding this position in future will have a clear idea of the necessary requirements and tasks to fulfill.

5. Components. The members of the Technical Board stretch out (again) the importance of developing a crystal clear view on components. MMBase-style components should –preferably- be able to run as a portlet (CMS-container) as well as in the MMBase-framework architecture. Of course, in some cases organizations will turn to existing portlets that comply to the JSR 168 standard, instead of developing a new one or choosing the mmbase-component. There is nothing wrong with choice, as long as there is a clear understanding of the options and the consequences of those choices. So apart from a technical solution for the components architecture, there is a need for good documentation to make this transparent.

Action: documentation on components vs. portlets (Henk)

6. Principles. To implement the principles-tracker and its content, itself has to be upgraded to 1.8.x. André will be asked to look in to this. If the site is upgraded to 1.8 the implementation of the principle tracker can be done on short notice.

Action: resolve bugs (Michiel)

7. Documentation.

Action: write / revise documentation concerning multicast and transactions (Rob, Michiel)

8. Website. The website should be migrated to 1.8.

Action: ask André for help (Michiel)

9. Champagne. The TB hopes that 2007 will be a successful year for all of us; a good enough reason to open a bottle.

Jo Lahaye, January 2007