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Technical board: 2006/11/16

Minutes meeting Technical Board November 16 (2006).

Present: Ronald Vendelmans, Nadia Poulou, Henk Hangyi, Michiel Meeuwissen, Jo Lahaye.
Absent: Jean Luc van Hulst.

Discussed where the following subjects.

1. Developers meetings
2. Annual Meeting of the Foundation, December 14
3. Bug tracker, Migration to Jira
4. Framework
5. Portal (CMS container)
6. Release management
7. Release manager
8. Principles
9. XS4ALL – domain names
10. Vacancies

1. There have not been many developer meetings lately. The committee members think it’s a good idea to place ‘events and meetings’ default on the agenda. It is understandable that everyone was (is) focused on the Framework and CMS-container, but there are other issues that could and should be addressed, for example release 2.0. and some of the projects that are underway.
2. The annual meeting of the Foundation will be held on December 14 at the VPRO. The members of the Technical Committee are asked to be there in time (say 13.00 hours) to have a short meeting before the presentations start at 14.15 or 14.30. Feel free to invite colleagues, clients and organizations or people that might find this meeting of interest. For the details on the program, please visit the website.
3. MMBase will start to use Jira as bug tracking software soon. The Foundation, as representative of the MMBase community is given a license to use Jira for free. The information in the current bug tracker will be transferred to Jira in the coming week. Finalist will take the lead in this process.
4. The framework development weekend was so successful, that it was suggested to organize a second one. Of course, we will check if the main architects/developers are available. It would be great to take this project another step further in the coming month. After a few checks, the “weekend” of 8-9 December is chosen. Let’s hope we will get enough support for this second two day event, so please invite developers to join us. The results will of course be presented at the annual meeting.
5. The development of the 1.0 release of the CMS container (JSR 168-compliant portal functionality) will see it’s first major release at December 14. The committee welcomes this great news. Henk Hangyi will organize a meeting for developers so they can learn how to use this new technology. The committee also discusses the future development of the CMS-container. Because Jean Luc is absent, the issue will be addressed in a later meeting.
6. The board saw the discussion the developers mailing list on the name convention of release 2.0. Most people seem to agree that MMBase with the cms-container and framework could be called release 2.0.
7. Release manager. No progress on the issue. Finalist states that it is necessary to have one, they might look for a solution within their company.
8. Principles. We’ve worked on several principles for some time now. So, we should bring them online now. Michiel will have a look at the principle tracker. If this functionality proves to be useful we will implement it, if not we will present the principles in .odt and .doc format on
9. Jo will ask Daniel who to contact at XS4ALL, to make a formal agreement on the hosting and the domain names. First, there will be a check at the Benelux Merkenbureau: MMBase should be registered there on behalf of the Foundation.
10. Since Nadia will leave for Greece in the beginning of next year and Henk will join Finalist in 2007, three new members will have to be appointed to the technical committee. Jo will contact the members of the Foundation. Michiel will contact the MMC.

Jo Lahaye, November 2006