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Technical Board: 2006/10/18

Minutes meeting Technical Board October 18 (2006).

Present: Jean Luc van Hulst, Ronald Vendelmans, Michiel Meeuwissen, Jo Lahaye.
Absent: Nadia Poulou, Henk Hangyi.

Discussed where the following subjects.

1. Bug tracker, Migration to Jira
2. Framework
3. Portal (CMS container)
4. Release management
5. Release manager
6. Principles.

1. From a technical point of view, there is no reason not to change to Jira. It is possible to migrate the information in the current bug tracker to Jira and The Foundation received a license for the free use of Jira on behalf of the MMBase community. Finalist will contact the maintainers of to make the migration permanent on short notice.
2. The framework development weekend was very successful. For more information see the mmbase website. Although there is still work to be done, the concept works an everyone can try to make “components”. Doing so, will probably help to make the framework more mature and stable. So we hope a lot of organizations are going to rethink the way they use MMBase functionalities.
3. The development of the 1.0 release of the CMS container (JSR 168-compliant portal functionality) is coming close. The city of Nijmegen will be the first to fully use this functionality. Deployment is likely in one of the following weeks.
4. The board thinks that it is a great idea to call the next release of MMBase “2.0”, as the framework and CMS-container substantially extend the possibilities of the use of MMBase. Even though the changes in the core of MMBase might not be that big between 1.8.2 and the next release, the effects of the framework and cms container will be huge. And hopefully there are already a number of components available at the release date (we think February 2007 is realistic).
5. There still is no progress in finding a release manager.
6. Principles. There was a principle tracker build, but the functionality is still not in use. Jo will check out how to publish and discuss the principles on short notice. That could be using the principle tracker, or publishing the principles as a textfile.