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Technical Board: 2006/07/12

Minutes sixth meeting Technical Committee MMBase.
July 12, 2006

Location: MMBase Foundation Hilversum.

Present, all members:
Nadia Poulou (Kennisnet)
Ronald Vendelmans (Amsterdam)
Henk Hangyi (MMatch)
Jean-Luc van Hulst (Finalist)
Daniel Ockeloen (MMCoder)
Michiel Meeuwissen (PO)
Jo Lahaye (Foundation).


Welcome. This was the last meeting this summer. It was a short meeting, with a roundup of all the issues of interest at this moment.

1. Releasemanager.
There is –so far- one person who applied for the job. We will talk to all serious candidates –if possible- on September 14. This date is also set for the next meeting of the Technical Committee. Henk Hangyi, Michiel Meeuwissen and Jo Lahaye will talk to the candidates. Please reserve from 13.00 till 18.00 hours in de agenda. The foundation will on august 5/6 send a new mail to the user and developerslist to draw renewed attention to this job opportunity. Some people might have missed the announcement due to holidays.

In this meeting we talked –at different moment- about the tasks of the release manager.

2. MMBase Framework. Andre worked on a project plan and time planning. However, this is not a mature document yet. Tasks were appointed to the members of the project. Jo will ask Andre/Johannes to give an update on the planning.

3. The CMS container is now added as a contribution. Finalist is the maintainer of this jsr 168 compliant “engine”. New functionalities will in the (near) future be added.

Question is: how to create a build that is running smoothly. What to use, CVS, Maven? Henk and Daniel promise to look into this and come up with some solutions and make sure that this information is made available to all of us.

4. Release 1.8.; releases in general. Michiel is going to release 1.8.1. on Friday. There are several problems with 1.8.0 that have to be solved quickly. Everyone agrees that in future the release manager should really help out on this. Examples given of issues: test case failed, release notes, overview of changes, etc. Michiel states that a lot of things aren’t that bad as it possibly looks for the outside world, but more support is needed.

5. Documentation, architecture, principles. We conclude that a lot is already there, but it is often hard to find and sometimes the links to the PDF’s (and docbook) are broken. This should be better controlled and maintained. Jo and the releasemanager have a task here. The principles and architecture should be online. Andre van Toly will be on holiday shortly. He will be asked to make sure the tool Daniel build is going online. However, this might take too long, so if someone else is willing to help, we will gladly except.

6. Jira. The Foundation has applied for a free license, however there is still no reply. Jo will look into this again. If it takes too long before they reply, he will ask assistance of Jean Luc. At this moment all data of the current MMBase bugtracker is or can be migrated to Jira. This means that we can soon start using Jira, that offers more functionalities.

7 Procedures. Jo was wondering if the procedures concerning contributions, applications and the “voting” is still the best way to handle the issues concerning the development of MMBase. And what is the relation between those rules and the role of the technical committee. Most attendees point out that they think that for the moment the existing regulations work fine, and that it is best not to change things until necessary.

8. Agenda for the rest of the year.
Meetings of the technical committee on:
-September 14: 16.00 hours (for some of us 13.00 hours: releasemanager)
-November 9: 16.00 hours
-December 14: 12.00 hours. Combination with the annual meeting of the Foundation. Small MMBase symposium.

No developers meetings planned yet. They can be combined with the meetings of the technical committee. Location: default is MMBase Foundation. The annual meeting is probably on another location.

Jo Lahaye,
July 17, 2006