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Technical Board: 2006/01/11

First meeting technical board MMBase community.
Location: Hilversum, Netherlands.

In the year 2005 a lot of people and organizations participated in the debate on the future of MMBase. There were -and are- many different views on the road ahead. In the autumn of 2005 this led to the conclusion that if we want to move ahead, we need a board that represents the whole community: developers, users and technical partners. At the annual meeting of the MMBase Foundation (December 2005) a concrete proposal to install a board was discussed and approved. The developers proposed two candidates, as did the users and technical partners. These persons ‘represent’ their colleagues. The Foundation acts as host and guides the process.

The members of the technical board are (on behalf of):
-developers: Michiel Meeuwissen and Daniel Ockeloen.
-users: Ronald Vendelmans (Amsterdam), Nadia Poulou (Kennisnet)
-service providers: Jean-Luc van Hulst (Finalist ), Henk Hangyi (MMatch).
-foundation: Jo Lahaye.

Kickoff meeting 11-01-2006.

First, the members of this board introduced themselves and gave their opinion on MMBase at this moment. We wanted to find out if there is a shared vision on the current status of MMBase and to get a first idea of the road ahead.

The participants agreed on several subjects:
1. For many (commercial, positioning) reasons we need to present MMBase as a “product”, a content management system.
2. Any action taken, must not restrict MMBase; the current flexibility should remain in tact.
3. We must not forget to stretch out the ‘unique’ selling points of MMBase.
4. It is necessary to explain what standards MMBase embraces (or not), and why (for example: soap, JSR 168, JSR 170, etc.)
5. We do need a framework, a clear(er) architecture, preferably based on these standards

Second, the board discussed many organizational subjects and little or none “in depth”.

1. Decisions. The board will try to take decisions by “consensus”. If consensus can’t be established at any time in future, we will then decide how to handle that concrete situation
2. Minutes of our meetings will be short and focus on the (dis-) agreements, decisions made, work in progress. The minutes will be distributed among the board members for comments before they are published. The time for comments is no more then a few days.
3. The current members will stay in this board for (in principal) a year.
4. We will try to keep the meetings of the board as efficient as possible. In time, we think the board can meet every 6 weeks or every two months. For the first period of 2006, we think a higher frequency is necessary to make enough progress. The following five dates and times are set for the first period of 2006, all starting at 15.00 hours:
February 8, March 8, April 5, May 10, June 7.

Third, we agreed to start work on two subjects:
1. Architecture and standards. This after all is the main assignment of the board. Idea is to discuss relevant standards, sign up an architecture and framework for future components and (more) modular development. Daniel Ockeloen will be the main editor of this subject. Input is very welcome ( We will discuss the outcome of this effort during a meeting with everyone who is interested; probably February 15.
2. Release management. Jean Luc will write a proposal regarding the improvement of the release management, bug fixing and documentation. Input on this subject can be sent tot Jean-Luc (

In regard to the 1.8. release, the board agreed to test at least one MMBase application in their organization before the meeting of February 8.

Jo Lahaye,