MMCF released with MMBase 1.9.0
04 November 2008 12:00
This release includes the long awaited MMBase Component Framework designed to make sharing applications and other functionality build upon MMBase easier.

MMBase 1.9.0 example war
MMBase 1.9.0 war - containing the example webapp, formerly known as the distro, of MMBase.

MMBase 1.9.0 builds
MMBase 1.9.0 build - page listing all applications that were automatically build against this release.

Release notes of MMBase 1.9.0
MMBase 1.9.0 Release notes - containing no less then 126 bug fixes, features and other improvements.

MMBase Component Framework documentation
General documentation about the MMBase Component Framework (MMCF, to be updated) outlining the basic functionality about how to implement it and (re)write your own applications as components.

The elegance of using a MMBase component can be best illustrated by this example:
<mm:link page="magazine">
<mm:frameworkparam name="component">mynews</mm:frameworkparam>
<a href="${_}">${_}</a>
This will typically generate a link to the MyNews application, or rather its component, depending on the location of your webapp: http://www.localhost:8080/example-1.9.0/magazine. The new tag <mm:frameworkparam /> is responsible for the generation of a userfriendly link, provided that the component is accompanied by an UrlConverter generating user- and searchengine friendly links.
The component itself, and with that the omni present MyNews application, can be included in your webpage with the following example:
<mm:component name="mynews" />
Which will show the introduction of the MyNews magazine followed by a list of the well known articles. More information, for example about how to build your own components, can be found in the documentation.
New admin look in MMBase 1.9
New admin look in MMBase 1.9
This article featured at the top of a RSS component
This article featured at the top of a RSS component

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The old days Jun 12, 2012 : Release of 1.9.6
The release team just released a new version of MMBase, version 1.9.6.

Nov 8, 2010 : Release of 1.9.5
We have recently release a new update of MMBase: version 1.9.5 with a few bugfixes and new features.

Aug 16, 2010 : Mailing lists moved
We stopped maintaining our own mailing lists and moved them to Google Groups. Visit to subscribe again.

Aug 13, 2010 : MMBase server is successfully upgraded!
If your are reading this your doing so are from our new piece of hardware. But of course Friday the 13th could be a bit risky date when you believe in such things...

The inside of the new server. Aug 12, 2010 : New MMBase-server
Tomorrow a new server will be installed for MMBase.

Jul 31, 2010 : Release of 1.9.4
It is already two weeks ago, but we released MMBase-1.9.4. It is a bugfix release, containing a few small new features.

MMBase localhost:8080/mmbase Apr 14, 2010 : Release of MMBase 1.9.3
A bugfix release of the stable MMBase 1.9 branch.

Jan 12, 2010 : MMBase 1.9.2 released (and 1.8.7)
The latest release of MMBase with a ton of new features and bugfixes. One of the most notable new features is the new Streams application that encodes uploaded video and audio to other formats. Besides 1.9.2 a bugfix release of the 1.8 branch was released.

Nov 26, 2009 : MMBase 1.9.2 release candidate
For all your testing pleasures the release team has made a MMBase 1.9.2-rc2 available.

Oct 26, 2009 : Annual CMSc and MMEvent: 15 december (Dutch)
Het jaarlijkse CMSc/MMEvent wordt in 2009 gehouden bij Kennisnet in Zoetermeer.