MMBase 1.9 beta release is now available
25 April 2008 12:00
Today a completely new MMBase release was made ready to be tested.

MMBase 1.9 beta release
WAR file of MMBase-1.9.0.beta

Online version of the 1.9 release
This is an online installation of the 1.9 release. You are allowed to ruin everything.

Projectpage MMBase Component Framework
More information about the MMBase Component Framework and its development

Today the following code changes marked the moment of the 1.9 beta release.
public static boolean isRelease() {
- return false;
+ return true;
public static String getReleaseStatus() {
- return "";
+ return "beta";

The 1.9 adds functionality for component based development to MMBase. Components that adhere to the component framework standard can be used across different MMBase applications. The release contains new admin pages, which actually are a cool example on how to use the component framework and its features like multi-language support. Especially the caches and applications pages in the 1.9 have been extended a lot by the use of the new framework. From the mmexaples the MyNews applications has been migrated.
You are invited to test the 1.9 beta release. If you run into issues which you can fix yourself you can create an issue in Jira and attach your fix to it. We did not find time to go through all the examples, so the install page and the examples can be regarded as known issues. For questions please use the developers mailing list or the irc channel. If you have run through your test please report your findings on the developers mailing list as well, including operating system, java version and database you used.
We would like to thank the MMCF project team for all hard work on this release. Special thanks go to the core members of the MMCF project: Michiel Meeuwissen, André van Toly and Nico Klasens.

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